The district-wide teacher and classroom enrichment grant program was designed to inspire the creativity of Conway Public Schools teachers so that they may generate excitement and enable life-long learning for their students. To date, the Conway Public Schools Foundation has awarded 20 $500 Classroom Impact Grants to Conway teachers.

With these awards, teachers have added new classroom technology such as digital cameras and iPads; and developed new hands-on learning opportunities in art, computer science, drama, foreign languages, genetics, mathematics, and physics; and supplemented course materials with resources that encourage skills in cooperative learning, small group work, reading comprehension, and team building.

Classroom Impact Grants supported the following projects:

  • Lego Body Systems (Mallett/Simon Middle, Sweere/Ruth Doyle Middle, and Bates/Carl Stuart Middle)
  • Operation See Straight (Pouncy/Ruth Doyle Middle)
  • ALE Incentives (German/Ruth Doyle Middle)
  • Art and Drama Collaboration – Spring Musical (Massingill/Conway Junior High)
  • Bring the Listening Station into the 21st Century (Woodrow Cummins Elementary)
  • iPod Touch in the Classroom (Glover/Ellen Smith Elementary)
  • Electromagnets (Ferrand/Conway Junior High)
  • Flippin’ Out with Digital Flip Cameras (Bailey/Carl Stuart Middle)
  • Make Me Google (Clark/Carolyn Lewis Elementary)
  • Lexia Laptop Remediation (Vallance/Florence Mattison Elementary)
  • Inherited Traits: How Blood Types Are Determined and Inherited (Gray/ Conway Junior High)
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum (Dow/Conway Junior High)
  • CPR (Worlow/ Conway Junior High)
  • Bowling Ball Physics (Branscum/ Conway Junior High)
  • STARS – Simon Students Taking Academic Responsibility (Powell/Simon Middle)
  • Lexia Learning for At-Risk Students (Glover & Jones/ Theodore Jones Elementary)
  • iLearn with iPods (Taylor/ Ellen Smith Elementary)
  • iLearn – Students using an iPad for Math Interventions (Smith/Woodrow Cummins Elementary)
  • Developing Communication Skills in the Foreign Language Classroom (Hibbard/Conway Junior High)
  • Read the Day Away (Vint/Ruth Doyle)
  • Bicycle Anatomy: Simple and Compound Machines (Rudesill/ Bob Courtway Middle)
  • Laptops for GT (Parks/Ida Burns Elementary)