Teacher of the Week

The Foundation takes great pride in supporting Conway Public Schools, specifically by empowering our educators to make lasting impacts in their classrooms. Our district is full of exceptional educators who deserve all the honor possible! If you’d like to nominate a Conway Public Schools staff member, please fill out this form.

Teacher of the Week

Torrie Achan

Mrs. Achan goes above and beyond for her students. She is always looking out for them if they need additional help or resources and is constantly celebrating their accomplishments. She…

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The Teacher of the Week Program is made possible by our generous sponsors.

Each week, PattiCakes provides sweet treats for our Educator of the Week.
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Past Teachers of the Week

Dwight Williams

What a student had to say about Mr. Williams… Mr. Williams is an amazing bright teacher. He always finds a…

Dustin Smith

Here is what a parent had to say about Mr. Smith… Mr. Smith goes above and beyond for his kiddos….

Marci Starkey

Marci Starkey isn’t just a teacher. She is an encourager, cheerleader, & mentor to her students in and out of…

Miriam Taylor

Miss Miriam Taylor is our school’s Instructional Facilitator. She works with children grades K-4. She assists teachers with strategy and…

Phillis Geans

Here is what an administrator had to say about Mrs. Geans… Mrs. Geans goes above and beyond to help her…

Leslee Tell

This is what a student had to say about Ms. Tell… She is an amazing teacher, she has helped me…

Kendra Rimlinger

This is what a friend had to say about Mrs. Rimlinger… “I’ve watched Kendra teach at Jim Stone for years…

Andrea Fournier

This is what a nominator had to say about Coach Fournier… “Coach Fournier is everything a great teacher should be….

Kathi Sweere

Here are what a few students had to say about Ms. Sweere… “I am nominating this educator because she knows…

Mandy Cameron

Here is what a parent had to say about Mrs. Cameron… “Mrs. Cameron is very good with the students. They…

Katie Kirkland

Here is what a parent had to say about Mrs. Kirkland… “I am happy to nominate Katie Kirkland for Teacher…

Haley Hickey

Here are a few students had to say about Ms. Hickey… “She is really patient with me. I recently switched…

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