Teacher of the Week

Denise Wahrer

Denise is awesome! She is so creative! She loves her kids so much! She loves them through the hard times and worries about them as if they are her own. Whenever I see Ms. Wahrer she is finding creative ways to keep her class engaged. Whether it be while waiting in line to enter the …

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Lisa Ortega

“Lisa is the most delightful person to be around. She is always positive, and it’s contagious when you’re around her. She works hard for her students and expects the best from them. She gently pushes them to excel and is there to catch them if they should stumble. She is caring, passionate, and deserves to …

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Dwight Williams

What a student had to say about Mr. Williams… Mr. Williams is an amazing bright teacher. He always finds a way to make everything more fun. He shows us how to be a kind person and puts his own little spin on math. In math we have games but have enough fun where we are …

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Dustin Smith

Here is what a parent had to say about Mr. Smith… Mr. Smith goes above and beyond for his kiddos. My child loves him and loves school because of him. He makes learning fun!

Marci Starkey

Marci Starkey isn’t just a teacher. She is an encourager, cheerleader, & mentor to her students in and out of the classroom. She also supports her co-workers is a team player in her building and has a smile that lights up the room. Her caring attitude for everyone she meets is not forgotten.

Miriam Taylor

Miss Miriam Taylor is our school’s Instructional Facilitator. She works with children grades K-4. She assists teachers with strategy and is always willing to help with whatever she can. Miss Taylor never complains about any task she is asked to complete. She also goes above and beyond to ensure our teachers have the latest gadgets …

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Phillis Geans

Here is what an administrator had to say about Mrs. Geans… Mrs. Geans goes above and beyond to help her students succeed. She has motivated and supported students who have fallen behind on their classwork. She spends additional time (outside of regular class time) helping students catch up. She also remains in continuous communication with …

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Leslee Tell

This is what a student had to say about Ms. Tell… She is an amazing teacher, she has helped me grow so much this year and because of Mrs.Tell, I have matured so much since the beginning of the school year. She is a very positive role model for me and the most creative teacher …

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Kendra Rimlinger

This is what a friend had to say about Mrs. Rimlinger… “I’ve watched Kendra teach at Jim Stone for years and I always think: there’s no way she can get better, but she always does. She teaches Kindergarten and is also the mom of 3 amazing kids. When kids were sent home in the spring, …

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Andrea Fournier

This is what a nominator had to say about Coach Fournier… “Coach Fournier is everything a great teacher should be. She works hard to make sure that everyone feels seen and included and takes the time to make sure the kids are not just having fun and getting exercise but learning something in the process …

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