Teacher of the Week

Torrie Achan

Mrs. Achan goes above and beyond for her students. She is always looking out for them if they need additional help or resources and is constantly celebrating their accomplishments. She is always kind and treats her students with love and respect. She is exactly the kind of person you want your child to learn from […]

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Kristy Polacek

“I have had the pleasure of getting to sit in Mrs. Polacek’s classroom and her passion for teaching radiates thru her lessons. You can tell she spends countless hours preparing her lessons and herself for each day. She truly cares about her students and wants them to enjoy learning. She is the teacher I would

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Angela Blue

Angela Blue has been teaching for more than 25 years. She rarely misses a day. She is soft-spoken, patient, and kind. Some teachers are very verbal, and they share about all the great things going on in their classrooms. But Angela is such a quiet soul. She never sings her own praises. When others praise

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Tanya Fitzgerald

Mrs. Fitzgerald is the best! She’s kind, patient, and has a way of making my child’s least favorite subject their favorite class. My child has said that she can’t believe she’s good at math, it’s always been so hard for her. She lets the students learn at their own speed and pushes them to do

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Gina Carter

Mrs. Carter always makes sure I have the materials I need to teach as a substitute. As a parent, Mrs. Carter had my son 2 years in a row (including 2020 when schools were shut down for Covid). She taught the students a song by Andy Grammer, ‘I will fight for you.’ They sang it

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D’Ann Fimple

Mrs. Fimple is a phenomenal teacher! I could not imagine a better pre-school teacher. My daughter has shown tremendous growth since the beginning of the school year with Mrs. Fimple’s positive and patient approach to teaching. My 4-year-old is now using words like gigantic and incredibly.

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Melinda Ferrand

I have heard Melinda brag on her students, cry over her students… she really cares about them! She wants to give them her best and she wants to bring out their best! She feels “called” to teach young teens. She cares about the child, not just presenting the lessons. She has been so loyal to

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Angela Riggins

This school year she has started a Boys with Purpose club for our 3rd and 4th-grade boys. This past weekend she took 16 boys with her husband to a UCA football game. That’s on top of helping our students with problems that happen in everyday life. She goes weekly to get food bags for our

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Sonya Smith

Mrs. Smith helped my youngest bridge the gap to become an avid reader. Without her work with him, he would not be as successful as he is now in all of his subjects. She loves her students and truly wants them to succeed. She also greets kids with excitement and care at morning drop-off (not

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Joey Moon

Coach Moon is not only a teacher and coach, but he is a mentor to so many. Once you have had Coach Moon in ANY capacity, you are one of his forever. He always exhibits a positive attitude and is REAL with his students. When he gets angry at a game, he admits his errors,

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