Teacher of the Week

Mandy Cameron

Here is what a parent had to say about Mrs. Cameron… “Mrs. Cameron is very good with the students. They all absolutely love her. My child doesn’t really like school but when she found out Ms. Cameron was going to be her teacher, that all changed. Ms. Cameron makes learning fun for her students.”

Katie Kirkland

Here is what a parent had to say about Mrs. Kirkland… “I am happy to nominate Katie Kirkland for Teacher of the Week. Mrs. Kirkland is a first-grade teacher at Carolyn Lewis Elementary School. She is not your average teacher or just “a teacher.” Rather, she puts on many hats in addition to her teacher …

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Haley Hickey

Here are a few students had to say about Ms. Hickey… “She is really patient with me. I recently switched to virtual and she was the only teacher to check on me and make sure everything was okay and if I had any questions about the work. She really lets us know what we are …

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Cecily Trice

“Mrs. Trice makes art ALL INCLUSIVE at CJHS. She is always willing to take students with all levels or learning disabilities and she makes them feel good about their expressions of art. She genuinely cares about her students and coworkers. She teaches the curriculum and she also teaches and models to students how to be …

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Jennifer Epps

“This educator has gone above and beyond throughout the entire year (and summer) to make each student feel so special.  She allowed my daughter to be a library helper throughout the year and encouraged her with her upcoming transition into middle school. She even contacted her next librarian, expressing words of praise.  My daughter had …

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Michael Lydon

Mr. Lydon has been recognized as teacher of the week for being a teacher who goes the extra mile.  He volunteers for additional duties, works as the team leader for 5th grade, and gets students very excited about reading. Students have already been talking about the reading rewards he gives out in class.  He’s an example …

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Mary Moreland

Mrs. Moreland goes above and beyond. As a virtual parent both of my children are in her class, she makes sure they are engaged and are free of questions and offers any assistance that I as a parent may need. During the holidays, she dropped goody bags off at our home and made sure they …

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Julie Olson

Mrs. Olson is our library media specialist! She has created amazing learning centers for all of our kindergarten-fourth grade students to experience a variety of learning opportunities when visiting the library. Mrs. Olson is pushing out fabulous lessons through Seesaw and receiving precious messages from students participating in virtual instruction thanking her for making sure …

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Brick Cullum

I am nominating Brick because of his hard work and dedication to Black History Month. Brick has created an entire website where students, staff, community members, can all virtually walk through student created pieces that honor black history month. This is not something that he is throwing together during the month of February. This is …

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Shannon Gerraputa

This is what one student had to say about Ms. Gerraputa… “She is the one who always finds a way to cheer up the people who walk by her door. She’s such a sweet and caring person. This is why she would be the perfect nominee for Teacher of the Week.”