Kerry Hymas

This week’s Teacher of the Week is Kerry Hymas, the Choir Director at Carl Stuart!

Here’s what Dr. Barnes, the Principal at Carl Stuart, had to say about Mrs. Hymas:
“Ms. Hymas is a fixture at Carl Stuart Middle School. As the choral music instructor on campus, Ms. Hymas has the pleasure of giving students a voice…one with melodic tones arranged in perfect harmony. Such is the embodiment of Ms. Hymas’ classroom. Ms. Hymas cares deeply for her students, and they likewise feel the same about her. Her classroom culture exudes respect, dignity, and grace. Students feel safe to express themselves in the classroom, and judgment is left at the door. Growth is encouraged over perfection, with everyone striving to reach Ms. Hymas’ high expectations. Any person who can maintain a performing arts program with 200+ students is certainly amazing, but Ms. Hymas commands such a large group with great poise and gentle but firm direction. She is a blessing to the students at Carl Stuart Middle School.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Hymas!