Kim Scott

Congratulations to this week’s Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Kim Scott from Carolyn Lewis Elementary.

Here’s what a parent had to say about Mrs. Scott:

“My son, Jack, is a 2nd grade virtual student at CLE. The virtual experience has been challenging in many ways; understanding the virtual platform, being isolated from the school community, and me having to balance my time between overseeing Jack’s work and my own fulltime job. I want to extend my deepest gratitude for Jack’s media specialist Kim Scott for going over and beyond to keep Jack engaged and connected to his school. Mrs Scott regularly sends him messages and trades book suggestions with Jack. She recently gathered book ideas from her fellow media specialists for me to keep my avid reader excited. When we experienced difficulty with the virtual platform, Mrs. Scott called and used facetime to walk me through and figure out our barriers. She has also dropped books off at our house to keep Jack reading. Jack is excited to get messages from her and feels connected even in this year of difficulty! For these reasons, I am grateful for Mrs. Scott.”