Mary Moreland

Mrs. Moreland goes above and beyond. As a virtual parent both of my children are in her class, she makes sure they are engaged and are free of questions and offers any assistance that I as a parent may need. During the holidays, she dropped goody bags off at our home and made sure they were included in the classroom Valentine’s party. Her love and compassion for her students extends beyond the computer screen and has made this crazy year of virtual school much easier.

I am nominating Mrs. Moreland because she is truly a teacher who takes every child, every day to heart. She has been known to make a parent-teacher conference at the child’s home because the parents did not have transportation to get there. She adjusts her lesson plans for the needs of the children. She may have had everything planned out for weeks and then notices they are behind in one area so she will re-adjust her whole lesson plan to go back and focus on an area they are struggling in. Her students are even learning while they are lined up in the hallway waiting for an activity. They may be reviewing their lessons or doing Heggerty while they are waiting. No matter how frustrated she may be she will never let her students know. Her students know they are loved the minute they walk into her room.